Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I can't believe I'm LITERALLY addicted!

Hello readers, last night I realized something pretty bad. It turns out I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper. I went a whole day without drinking any (I'd had it every day for weeks now) and I, literally, began having an attack when I realized we didn't have any at home.

I'm broke, I have no money, but I had to beg my mom to buy me some, which thankfully she did. She told me it was wrong to drink Dr. Pepper like you should be drinking water, but I can't help it, I need Dr. Pepper to get me through a day!

As for my weight, well I haven't weighed myself lately and I haven't done anything to help keep the weight off, so that pretty much answers that: I'm doing squat. It sounds bad, because I'd love to be skinny before I'm out of college, but it's just not seeming to want to happen.

Side note: I started college this past Tuesday and it's not half bad. I enjoy it!

Well that's all the update I have for you. I will need to work on my addiction and hopefully have better news in my  next post!