Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It wasn't a severe sprain after all...

So it turns out I didn't sprain my ankle like the ER doctor had told me after my x-rays. I had an appointment with my primary doctor that following Monday and he wanted me to get an MRI so I can get a better look at my ankle.

Well I went to the hospital and had to fill out some paperwork before I had to change into some loose fitting scrubs that were terrible, they didn't even feel like actual scrubs! Well I got the MRI and I had to stay very still for about 30 minutes while they did the MRI, I just listened to country music on the radio.

Afterwards, they just took me back to the room I was at before, I got dressed again, and I got to go get the boot i was ordered. Well I had to wait in this empty room for about 35 minutes with my dad waiting to go back and get my boot. It was really long and annoying. I wanted to rewind back to when this happened and fall on my face, instead of landing on my foot. I can handle a broken nose better...

Well the boot fit snug and it was a fancy, expensive boot that I wished I didn't need, but knew was necessary. I spend the day doing all this and it was really annoying not to be able to walk anywhere.

The MRI said that I had a Torn Ligament and it would take longer to heal then a sprain would... PERFECT!!

This is all putting a kink in my plans. I can't exercise very well if I can't use my foot. I can't lose weight in my gut at least. I really hate this is all... Sorry if I ranted a little to much.

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