Monday, February 13, 2012

Making Progress

Current Weight: 279.4 lbs

So I've totally lost weight since being 295 pounds! I know it has a lot to do with having my Weight Training class and not eating all that much, unless I feel like pigging out. I just know that it's totally fantastic to see the progress I'm making!

If you've seen the videos I've posted on YouTube (My most recent video is 8 months ago), you'll see how much chubbier my face was compared to how I look now. Not to mention, I had a buzz cut back then and now I'm growing out my hair, but I don't think that affects my weight.

I plan on hopefully losing some weight in my stomach before summer so I can have an ideal beach body (or not so flabby tummy). I think it's embarrassing to go to the pool shirtless and be fat... I don't think I'm ugly or have self confidence issues, I just don't like the way people look at me. Its dumb. They are, not me, for judging, but it's just weird, y'know?

Hopefully I can post some videos again shortly so you can see how thinner my face is from when I started this blog and somewhat journey.... That's all I have for this update though, but I'll try to keep this updated!

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