Monday, January 16, 2012

New year, new goal(s)!

So I've been able to take away the soda from myself pretty easily. I have been drinking pretty much water now except for when I have milk at school. I am only drinking soda on occasion now (like if I'm hanging out with friends or have a party (which has happened)). I think I've done a good job at disciplining myself, but I know I've still got a lot of ground to cover.

First off, This weight training class I've been taking at school is my saving grace! I wouldn't work out at all if I didn't have this class and coach works us to the bone! I'm doing all kinds of stuff that I've never wanted to do before!! (We just got a new field house this semester and the weights aren't in yet, so while we weight, coach makes us do a lot of running, push-ups, and sit-ups).

It's been crazy! My life has been crazy recently! I know you won't know this unless your reading my other blog, Random Videos and Rants, but I got a girlfriend this past December and we've been doing great! She supports me 100% on losing weight, but she says she accepts me for who I am no matter what. She even teases me and calls me her big, strong man when I text her what I did in Weight Training for that day. It always makes me smile too.

I'm trying to lose weight for me, I know that I've got big bones regardless of how much weight I lose, so I will NEVER be out of a XL shirt just for that reason, but I can get out of 3X and hopefully 2X sometime before July (My goal now is my birthday). I keep saying I'll break down and start running again, but I just can't get myself to do that.

It's finally spring meaning it's Tennis season again, but this year, I'm not going to play tennis. With all the drama that happened last season between my 2 best friends and the stuff that went down, it's not smart to put myself in that situation again. I just wish I knew how to make everyone happy again, that's the biggest problem. Everyone moved on except a couple of people and I just wish I could 'right the wrongs' in my life... I know it'd make everyone happy again. Or at least I'd hope.

So I won't be playing tennis this year for mainly that reason. Also,  you need 6 credit earning classes and I only have 5 right now. I dropped Graphic Design earlier for a study hall and now I'm not able to play anyway. I'll be fine, I just need to make sure I'm running after school like I would be in Tennis practice.

I'm sorry that I can't give you my weight on this post, but I'll try to give it to  you sometime soon! Lastly, I want to wish everyone a happy new year!! 2012 is the year of change, I can feel it! So many good things will happy in 2012, I just know it!