Monday, September 19, 2011

Weight Training, weeks in.

Alright, I have been really working in weight training and trying to push myself so I'm not fat forever. I have actually proven to be slightly successful, I think my pants are getting bigger on me, not so much my shirts though. I am going to have to buy a belt when I get paid.

Yes, I got a job, finally!

I want to work on getting things together and making my body healthier. So I weighed myself today and my current weight is at 282 lbs. In May (I never posted my weight since then), I was 285 lbs and I have, technically lost 3 lbs since then. I don't see that as a lot, but it's more then 0 lbs, right?

I am going to keep posting because I enjoy weight training and I hope that I continue to lose weight. I don't know how often I will update, but I hope you still read this blog and enjoy reading my journey to a more successful, healthy life.

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