Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good news ... when I stop hating it

I know it's for the best and I know that I will be glad that I did this later on, but I just hate giving my dad so much satisfaction. Because of schedule conflicts, I am taking Weight Training my senior year. My dads doesn't know yet, he won't until this following Friday or Saturday, but he is going to be so happy to find out that I'm taking it. He will be all 'this is a good thing' and 'you will be fat your whole life if you don't take it' and all that other crap.

I refuse to be fat for the rest of my life and I don't like how he thinks that. But the title here is only half true now, I do want to lose weight, but I only want to lose weight in the efforts of bulking up. I wanna be able to take off my shirt at the pool without harsh comments or stares. Trust me, people judge. Now for me, I like larger woman, I actually find them attractive. I don't judge on size or weight, but rather on who they are on this inside as a person and if we have similarities. I only want to improve my health so I stay on the earth a little longer...

I don't really want a girlfriend right now or anything until after I get a job, but when I have the job, money, and car, then I will look into having a girlfriend. So weight training is going to help because every girl wants a smoking hot boyfriend, and that's wanna I'm gonna be. I will be there hunky.

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