Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 pounds

I have been really busy, not to mention my computer has been taken away for awhile (lets just call it a look into the computers data). So I am currently updating all my blog on school computers, guess where I am now (Hint: It's in a building where you learn things). If you guessed, Home, your not as bright as you might think. I am at school right now posting updates.

Well I stepped on my scale last night, hoping it's accurate, and I was shocked to see the results. I have been trying to progress through tennis and get better, by pushing myself harder each time, unless I'm having an off days, which suck. I am pleased with the progress I have found and I am looking forward to the summer when I have to start doing things solo. I am nervous, because I don't know if I have the self discipline needed to continue this weight loss journey. Losing weight is all about consistency and that's what I have been lacking, honestly, I can admit that. My weight is recorded below....

Previous weight (since I've checked): 295 lbs.

Current Weight: 285 lbs.

I like to think I'm winning, but over this long amount of weeks, 10 pounds doesn't seem like much. I know it's all about patients and what-not, but I wanted some better results, 25+ pounds would have been what I was expecting but I can admit that I was making some bad eating choices over the past few weeks. Maybe I need a friend who will workout with me and keep things consistant, who also plays tennis! I don't know, we will find out eventually....


  1. I feel you my friend. I'm trying to lose weight too this summer. I picked up running and I have lost some. Idk how much. But since I've been working and getting more sleep (win!) Its harder to fit in working out. Plus healthy food isn't cheap. It takes time. Don't feel about about your 10 lbs. Rejoice!! It could have be a gain instead! Everyone's body is different and you'll find what works for you. I personally want to get off sugar. Soooo not easy. Baby steps though. Baby steps. Good luck!

  2. Yea, I agree. Thanks for commenting on the blog and I hope you become a follower.

    I think I'm gonna start running too... I'm unsure. lol, seems I never know much these days, haha..