Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 pounds

I have been really busy, not to mention my computer has been taken away for awhile (lets just call it a look into the computers data). So I am currently updating all my blog on school computers, guess where I am now (Hint: It's in a building where you learn things). If you guessed, Home, your not as bright as you might think. I am at school right now posting updates.

Well I stepped on my scale last night, hoping it's accurate, and I was shocked to see the results. I have been trying to progress through tennis and get better, by pushing myself harder each time, unless I'm having an off days, which suck. I am pleased with the progress I have found and I am looking forward to the summer when I have to start doing things solo. I am nervous, because I don't know if I have the self discipline needed to continue this weight loss journey. Losing weight is all about consistency and that's what I have been lacking, honestly, I can admit that. My weight is recorded below....

Previous weight (since I've checked): 295 lbs.

Current Weight: 285 lbs.

I like to think I'm winning, but over this long amount of weeks, 10 pounds doesn't seem like much. I know it's all about patients and what-not, but I wanted some better results, 25+ pounds would have been what I was expecting but I can admit that I was making some bad eating choices over the past few weeks. Maybe I need a friend who will workout with me and keep things consistant, who also plays tennis! I don't know, we will find out eventually....