Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tennis isn't the easiest game....

Little did I know, Tennis is harder then I would have guessed. Skipping the workouts, which are brutal to my legs, but worth it, I think there are some crazy good players on the team. There are so many techniques you can use on the court that will help you in a match. Plus the books were reading are dumb, but portray ways in which you and reflect, which my be helpful.

I think if i work out the diet portion of my tennis practices, things will work out great for me. I've been trying to get my mom to buy me sub sandwiches or something healthy, I don't really care, because workouts are great, I know that, but I want to lose 75 pounds! I need to eat healthy and workout, it has to go hand and hand with each other.

I don't want to do the workouts and then eat a fat, greasy cheeseburger for dinner with cheese, fries, and a soda. I want a sub (or something else healthy) and some water. No exceptions. You have to be strict to get results, at least I do, personally. I cave in to easily and I absolutely love food, so it's hard for me to resist a good meal, especially if it's taco's! There good, but full of nasty things my body doesn't need....

What I hate the most about it all is that I don't like lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, ect... How can you lose weight if your taste buds are all jacked up? Sure, eat other things that are healthy, right? Almost everything you order is only healthy with lettuce or tomatoes! I eat onions if there cooked, i don't like raw onions .... It makes me mad to look at myself in the mirror everyday and know my waist is not getting any smaller.

I  like to think that one day, I will finally achieve my goal, but as for now, It's makes me depressed. I always look at things on the bright side. There's never a reason to be upset with your body, just yourself for making it that way. Though in my case, is it fair to blame my parents for feeding me the junk food while I was being raised and a wee little guy or is it my fault for picking up the food and putting it in my mouth? I think it's a 50/50 blame game. Though, being 17 years old now, I think its more 80/20 on me because I have the to power to get a job and buy my own food but I'm being lazy and letting them buy the food.

I can except responsibility for my actions, I just wish they would start agreeing with me and buy the food that's good for me. It would help them too. My whole family is "overweight" technically, so maybe they should consider that the next time they buy snack foods. Sure, we all make mistakes, but even if you confess that to yourself, your not going to make progress unless you tell yourself "NO!". I think I've started to do that this week and I'm gonna persevere and work harder then ever at practices this week, I'm gonna put my determined face on and tell myself over and over, "I AM NOT GOING TO LET MY BODY WIN!". I am going to take control and start making the RIGHT choices for me, end of story.


  1. At one point I was able to get into a teeny size 5 by walking six miles each morning on a treadmill. I'd drink diet pop all morning and eat almost nothing until dinner. Then I had a decent dinner. I used to walk out to Hardware Cafe (remember that place?) with my two oldest boys and eat a full meal and then walk back. No harm done. :)

    It's the quitting of the exercise that is really the problem, seriously.

  2. by comparison fyi I am about 30 sizes bigger now and about 100 pounds more. I would like to lose about 70 b/c I know I can't keep 100 off, no way.

  3. So we have similar goals, nice to know I'm not the only one wanting to lose around 70 lbs. I think tennis is going to really help me out, Setting goals is only good if your willing to do something to help your goal reach the finish line. That's why I joined tennis (:

    PS, i don't remember what the Hardware Cafe is ... It sounds familar though.