Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tennis Activity

So I had to be at the tennis courts today at 7:45 this morning because I was going to Harvesters to do some volunteering work as a part of out tennis team. I guess the coach want's us to get to know everyone else and not spend the season never knowing most of your team mates. I think it's smart, though I still don't know a lot of my mates on the team and it's well into the 3rd (or maybe 4th) week of tennis practices. I have known a few since the pre-season workouts over a month ago, but most of the recent additions have been during the regular season.

Harvesters was intense because we had to get raw pasta noodles and put them in these bags, making sure the bags were 3 lbs. We then sealed them and put them in boxes. We went through three 1,000 pound boxes of raw noodles and my back was killing me! I had to keep telling myself to 'man up' and stop complaining to myself, so I did. I kept quiet and did an amazing job, probably filling bags like a pro!

We finished that 3 hours later and went to get something to eat on the way back to the tennis courts. We stopped at some strange deli and my friend George insisted on us getting a pizza. He only brought $10 and my dad gave me $20. The pizza's were $13.50 for a 16'' pizza. We were kinda stupid at math at the time so we bought 2 pizzas. TALK ABOUT RUINING YOUR DIET!!!! That pizza was HUGE!!!!! I wish I brought my camcorder with me so I could prove it but your gonna have to believe me. The slices were so outrageous that I said anyone who wanted some pizza could have a slice. Only 3 people took us up on the offer but I still ate .... 5 pieces of pizza.

I feel like I picked up my goal and punched it in the face several times with each bite, grease dripping from the pizza. I regreted it as soon as I saw it, my original plan was to buy a calizone, but I opted out of  it because I wanted to get the pizzas with George. I guess I could have gotten the calizone and still paid for part of George's pizza. Oh well, Can't change the past. I was gonna weight myself in the nurses office on Friday but then forgot about spring break this week.

Expect a new blog Monday with my weight finaly being posted. I wish this pizza never happened. I'm don't know what came over me, I have always loved food. It's always been my weakness and it overpowered my brain today. My friend Kyle got a sub sandwich and ate one and a half slices of pizza, which was smart. I can't beat myself up over a decision I could have easily changed. I have to just work a little harder at workouts this week.

We are off Friday but we have practices tomorrow, I am hoping that eventually, when I reach my goal, I will no longer be that weird guy you want to ignore and finally get some respect. I feel like I would have better success at everything if I wasn't fat. Deny it all you want but there are shallow people who don't like fat people. I know a few.... I'm losing this weight for myself mostly, but also to prevent any future issues. Thanks for reading this post and expect a new post sometime Monday.

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