Friday, March 4, 2011

Sports Physicals

So yesterday, when I was pulled out of school early, forced to miss my favorite class, Algebra 2 (just kidding), I got a physical. Not just any physical, a sports physical (I think it was a regular physical but calling it a "sports" physical sounds a lot cooler). Lucky for me, I can relate this to the weight loss blog, because the first thing I had to do, before I actually saw the docter and got my physical, was get my height and weight checked. I slipped off my shoes and got my height, putting me at 6'2'' (which disapoints me, because I thought I was 6'3'' these past 4 or 5 months) then I got my weight checked.

My weight, according to the more accurate doctors scale, puts me at exactly 290 lbs. Thats incredible, since I thought I was 295 the past few weeks. To my suprise, the weight I seem to have never had gave me a small boost in confidence. Knowing i had 5 less pounds to lose gave me a small glistening chance that, perhaps, this journey to 215 lbs might actually happen. I only have to lose 75 pounds and I'll reach my goal. From then on, I will only have to worry about keeping that weight.

I was talking to my mom and asked her if she could buy me a sub sandwich when she gets hers until I get the weight under control and really commit to losing this weight. My mom has been trying to lose some weight also and, from what I know, she has been buying a foot long sub every 2 days and eats a 6-inch sub each night for dinner, probably (this I'm guessing) skipping lunch. Well I refuse to skip lunch. I would prefer to pack my own lunches and go that route, but when school lunches are free, why spend extra money on packing your own lunch?

Oh well, I hope you keep reading and look forward to the new posts, I'm really trying to lose this weight but It's a constant battle with myself and also a few personal things...

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