Sunday, March 13, 2011

My father doesn't care!

So my dad told me that as long as i'm living with him, I will eat what he serves or starve. But all my dad want's to eat it junk filled with fat and a load of calories! He doesn't care about me wanting sub sandwiches, though my mom understands. When my dad was gone this previous week, I was able to eat right because my mom agreed with me and was doing likewise, I think I was making progress and losing some weight, I don't know for sure though.

When my dad showed up Saturday morning, He wanted to go out and eat at a buffet, the worst place to go when your trying to diet. I couldn't sit there and eat one plate of food because my dad, we all should know him by now, would get offended and mad at me. So I drank milk and got 3 plates of food, not big plates though. I tried my best to eat right, but I hardly even saw anything healthy at the buffet! Then the following day I ate at Applebee's with my aunt and sister. I think I'm trying hard to lose weight, I just don't think I am doing enough, Maybe I am doomed to fail.

Friday night, when I had an amazing half-party, my mom made cupcakes and bought mini doughnuts. That was bad for me, not to mention she bought six 2 litters of pop, which only 2 I will drink. All these crappy foods are making me mad, really mad. There are so many foods that I enjoy, filled with crap, while there are so little foods I enjoy, filled with goodness.

I wish I knew how many calories, ect... were in the school lunches so I knew the best lunch to choose each week. Oh well, I hope to get my weight posted this week, my scale is officially dead. I will have to break down and see the school nurse (the humiliation), Oh well. I am willing to make the sacrifice, for the good of my health and the team. Haha, that was just cheezy.


  1. YES, this is doable, Zachary. It doesn't get easier when you get married/out of the house, either, especially if you have to get tight with the food budget. In many colleges, you must sign up for their food plan if you are a student. That means buffet style meals. And I know fat ladies whose husbands are fed up with special diet foods. They reason you keep sneaking food and doing badly so I'm not buying any more.

    Which actually makes sense, even if it seems unkind. I do know people in those sorts of situations who were able to lose weight.

    Could you have not stayed home and eaten a bowl of cereal? Would have actually saved your dad some money, unless he were getting the buffet for free. We have had situations with a certain young man wanting to fast from meat and that sort of thing and the compromise is (you guessed it!) peanut butter sandwiches or salsa and chips or cereal. I refuse to make special meals for preferences. I already have two kids' allergies and oddball autism preferences/needs to deal with, so there you go.

    I myself was able to lose weight (obviously a long time ago when I "only" had four children) by going places and walking. I would eat at buffet type places if it were the only meal I were eating. That and a bowl of cereal or cup of yogurt would be it.

    PS The school nurse is awesome and would be very supportive. Tell her you are G's buddy as he is in the nurse's office *all the time* for his special snacks so you may see him there.

  2. Well I can't deny going to the buffet, it would be insulting for one, to him, and he would not let me stay home alone his first day back from being gone all week (He would over react, and I hate that.

    But I know they can spend there money on better things, there just choosing not to put it in the budget, which is mostly my dad's fault, he eats like a 4 year old child; always wanting junk food!

  3. Arg, I don't know what to tell you on that because expenses like that realllly add up. Better to do that sort of thing once a month and save pennies for new furnaces and stuff like that. Not glamourous, I know, but if your furnace goes out and you have to finance it on your credit card at 21.99 percent interest life can be pretty discouraging. Imagine $7,000 loan at 22% interest per year... do the math... *thankfully* we didn't have to.