Saturday, February 26, 2011

End of February

I am terribly sorry for the lack of blog posts/videos recently. I haven't been extra busy, but I have been very occupied with other things. You probably know that I keep my regular blog updated, hince making you wonder why it's so hard to keep this updated as well. The answer is simple, if I can't post about weight loss related materials, then I don't find it relavent to post.

To make sure this blog wasn't a waste of time, I will let you in on a few things. Our Tennis coach told us that if there is nice weather going on outside, do not go to practices and go strait to Bennet Park and play Tennis. Lucky for me, were gonna start riding a bus out to Bennet Park on Monday, because it's "Officially" the tennis season. Last week, I had to get a ride from my friend, Kyle.

Hopefully we will get some good practices going, so we can be ready for our first tournement, which is going to be mid-march! I am hoping that my sister can go to my tournement but i'm unsure on her other plans, she does a sport too! Lucky for me, my friends are all in the sport I chose, making it more fun for everyone.

I know you want to know how much my current weight is, and lucky for me, my scale went back to 0 magically (I swear it was broken when i last checked!) so I don't know if the scale is gonna lie to me or give me my honest weight.

Currently, the scale puts me between 290 and 300 lbs, which kinda upsets me because I think my weight went up (notice how unsure i am?). If I were going to choose the smart thing to do, I would stay away from bad foods, thats my only problem (other then lack of exercise, which i need more consently to do). I plan to train myself to obey the commands I give. I don't need ice cream, I want it. I don't need to finish my plate if i'm full, don't force yourself to do anything. I see where i'm failing, i'm just not doing anything to fix it. I think that's a lot of other peoples issue as well, at least, I would hope i'm not the only one with a lack of self-control issues.

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